Hey! I'm totally changing the Snowy Plover! New look, New name, new address, new ideas! Yay! I'm going to end it here since I want to start working on everything, like figuring out a new name, but I'll post the link on here, once I figure out how this works.



So, I wasn't quite sure what to write in this post, but I'll figure it out. Maybe once I do I'll change the title of this post... Anyway, do any of you guys write poetry? I write some... It's not very good. Also, remember that girl? The one who sat next to me in Band... [...]


Happy January! Happy New Years! Happy Holidays! I hope you guys are all having a great 2017 so far, and hopefully it's a little better than 2016. (That means I hope Donald Trump disapears, and is not able to become president! 😀 That would be a perfect year! Donald Trump: If you're are reading this, [...]

What’s Up Guys?!

Guess what! It was my birthday a few days ago! YAY ME! I'm 13! (I originally wrote this post on my birthday, but it wouldn't post it. :()Went mini-golfing with my friend (She also has a blog. YOU SHOULD CHECK IT OUT! It's called sea fox blog, Anyway, sorry it's been forever since I added [...]

Have You Ever Played Kickball In the Dark?

So, Normally, PE drives me nuts. We have tons of loud, rude, disruptive people in our class, and they go out of their way to make us do extra pushups, run longer distances, and distract everyone else. I'm sure they don't want us to do extra pushups, and such (Normally they groan loudly, and blame [...]

Block Schedule!

Today we started block schedule, which means we have different classes on different days. Today I had Band, Science, PE, and Core. Tomorrow I will have Math, Robotics, Core, Science, and PE. (So on, so such.) Anyway, I didn't have much homework today, so that was pretty nice. I'm not sure if the girl who [...]