So, I wasn’t quite sure what to write in this post, but I’ll figure it out. Maybe once I do I’ll change the title of this post…

Anyway, do any of you guys write poetry? I write some… It’s not very good.

Also, remember that girl? The one who sat next to me in Band… (If you don’t, read this post–   — Don’t judge, it was my first one. Also, does anyone else know how to add an active link, instead of making people copy and paste it into their browser window in WordPress….?)

Well, things were getting better.  I thought we were actually becoming pretty good friends. But, nothing good lasts forever, right? Today, I was talking to some guy during band, and she flat out said, “Shut UP!”.  I mean, he was being annoying, and so she told HIM to Shut Up, which is fair because he was saying her name really weird over and over again, but I kept talking to him, and then SHE  told ME to shut up. Then, later, in PE, I tried to talk to her, because maybe she was just mad at the guy, and I got caught up in it, but she totally ignored me.

That was kind of weird, so I thought maybe she hadn’t heard me, so I said her name again, and she still totally ignored me. Which, if you think about it, is kind of funny, considering she was super nice when she was ASKING ME FOR A COOKIE AT LUNCH!!!!

On to the more positive part of my post… well, maybe… the bittersweet part of my post. Today was our last History Club Meeting! I haven’t written about History Club yet, but I’ll probably write a post about it in the future. So, all year, we’ve had meetings on Tuesdays. Today was our last meeting of the year, since there are, like, 8 days left in the school year. It was bittersweet because this one guy who I really like (Not THAT way. He’s my friend.) is leaving next year. He’s probably the most obsessed with history of all of us history nerds.

Anyway, he’s going off to a private High School in a nearby town, since he’s a year older than me, and I’ll probably never see him again. I want to keep talking to him, but I don’t want it to be awkward if I email him, like, 50 times, and he never replies or something like that. Any tips?

But, the good news is, I’ll be doing History Club next year, and it should be super fun.

I don’t want to scare you guys away, (9 followers! Yay!) so I’ll end it here. Love you guys!


Snowy Plover.


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