Mood Swings

Yes, I know. The title of this post is weird. (Quail always teases me about spelling weird- wierd accidentally.)  Anyway, I’m not writing about my mood swings. It’s my brother’s mood swings I’m talking about today.

So, my little brother used to be the sweetest little guy. He was cute, nice, and friendly. I loved him a ton.  I still do. Just as much. I don’t know if he feels the same way. Now, I never know what mood I’m coming home to. It’ll either be the sweet kid from before 4th grade, or the complete and utter JERK from 4th. He’s in 5th grade now.  It’s like having a kitten and a tiger in one animal living in my house. I never know whether it’s going to cuddle me, and fall asleep in my lap, or bite off my hand if I try to get close. I’m not sure what to do.

Also, he loves my parents way more than he loves me. He even admitted it! I made him go to the park with me, while he was reading his book, and I said, “Liam, why do you love Mommy and Daddy more than me.”, so he said,

“I don’t.” Then went back to reading his book, which wasn’t very convincing, so I said,

“If Mommy or Daddy had asked you to go to the park, you would have said yes, even if you were reading.”

“I guess.” He said and crawled into those plastic tube things they have on play structures to read his book.

So now you know. Anyhoo, I still love him. I just wish he loved me, too. Any tips? Leave them in the comments below. Thanks!


Snowy Plover


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