Sorry Guys!

I’m back!!!!


I’m so sorry! 7th grade is the worst! I know, I know. I shouldn’t be making excuses. I somehow find time to play Pappas Bakeria. Don’t judge. (My choice in games, or my spelling.) Speaking of which, I have a friend, I’ll call her Quail, since it has to do with my nickname for her at school. (Again, don’t judge. We’re all weird here……. well, I am. I’ve never met you.) Anyhoo, she’s ALWAYS teasing me about my spelling. Anyway, ONTO the real point of this post–

NO! I am not getting rid of this blog. If anything, I’m going to try to make it better. I’ll probably be posting more often. (It’s hard not to post more often, as long as I actually (I orriginally spelled that acctually… you can see why she teases me.) post something, since I haven’t posted in, like, 3 months…. maybe more…) Is it even allowed to have parentheses inside of parentheses?

Okay, so about my life. I’m doing ok. I have some little brother issues, but I’ll probably write about that later… Friend issues… (I’m not mad at any of them, just worried about one of them… (For those of you who know, eclaire is the one I’m worried about.) she’s under a ton of stress, I’m worried she might go insane. Literally. I’m not exagerating…. at all. Sorry. Any of you guys have stuff you’re worried about? 7th grade sucks.

Love you guys! XXX



P.S. Do any of you know whether x’s are hugs or kisses? I always thought they were hugs, but my mom told me they where kisses, so now I’m not sure… what do you think?

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