Happy January! Happy New Years! Happy Holidays! I hope you guys are all having a great 2017 so far, and hopefully it’s a little better than 2016. (That means I hope Donald Trump disapears, and is not able to become president! 😀 That would be a perfect year! Donald Trump: If you’re are reading this, please comply with my greatest wish!) Anyhoo, I made some progress on my new years resolution! I added a blog post! Are you proud of me! ;D I haven’t played ukulele in a while. I should probably do that. Does anyone else play ukulele? I LOVE ukulele. I just never find time to practice! (If I could replace my piano lessons with ukulele sesions, I would!) Anyone considering playing an instrument, I would strongly recommend the UKE! It can go from super simple and easy, to complicated, if you want it to. If you want short simple songs, that works, or you could spend you’re time bleeding and sweating, and becoming one of the great ukulele players! Anyhoo, happy 2017! Have a great year!


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